Album: Unbroken Dreams

Album: Unbroken Dreams

Unbroken Dreams, 2015

Unbroken Dreams is a brilliant combination of Celtic and Nordic tradition blended with contemporary inclinations. The spiraling nature of each piece was like a flower bursting open, with new discoveries every step of the way. I couldn’t stop listening and don’t plan to any time soon.

Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

The crisp, sparkling sound of the plucked harp strings is an amazingly effective pairing with the velvety-smooth bowed strings of the cello.
Unbroken Dreams is a beautiful masterpiece for the music alone. Relaxation, healing, and stress relief are bonuses for listeners. This music is perfect for so many situations, but be sure to really listen to it to hear the full yet subtle impact of the music. It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

Lyt her til “Norwegian Summer”, optaget i konservatoriets koncertsal i januar 2015. Læg mærke til slutningen, hvor Trine og Josefine sidder HELT stille og venter på, at tonemester Franziska Wackerhagen skal sige “Super!”. Se flere videoer på min Youtube-kanal.

Trine og Josefine indspiller “Drifting on Silky Clouds” i Konservatoriets koncertsal, januar 2015

Et af stykkerne fra dette album: “Drifting on Silky Clouds” vandt en RoundGlass Music Award for a Better World i 2018 i kategorien . Trine modtog prisen ved en ceremoni i the Edison Ballroom i New York i januar 2018.

Trine holder takketale ved Roundglass Music Awards 2018

Data om album

Titel: Unbroken Dreams
Kunstnere: Trine Opsahl (keltisk harpe), Josefine Opsahl (cello)
Plademærke og -nr.: Heart to Heart Records, HEART05
Tonemester: Franciska Wackerhagen


  1. The Last Grasp of Winter 06:31
  2. A Star in Heaven is Born Tonight 05:51
  3. Dawn/The Light Dances my Love 06:26
  4. Drifting on Silky Clouds 07:53
  5. A Fairytale 04:31
  6. Diving into an Ocean of Love 03:52
  7. I am your Moon and your Moonlight too 04:00
  8. Somewhere in a Hidden Memory 06:00
  9. Castle of Unbroken Dreams 04:35
  10. Sterna Paradisae 05:17
  11. Rosebed Garden 04:55
  12. Norwegian Summer 04:48
  13. Ladybirds and Butterflies 03:37