Fotos: Brian Tomczyk, Niels Horskjær and Michael Opsahl

RJ Lannan – The Sounding Board

I recall with great fondness my review of New Age harpist Trine Opsahl’s previous albums, Somewhere In A Hidden Memory. It too was dreamlike in theme and character. Her latest release, which features her daughter Josefine on cello is even better. Now we have two voices perfectly harmonized that sing of Unbroken Dreams. The music has classical overtones, but the sense is a fusion of contemporary, Celtic and New Age and it all engages eloquently over the thirteen tracks. I found the labels intriguing as if I were reading the titles of soulful poetry, but then again, maybe I was.

Both Trine and Josefine were able to produce a cold, icy chill into the song The Last Grasp of Winter. Even though we know that spring will arrive soon, we must contend with the period Mother Nature takes to finish her winter sleep. Let us relish every snowflake, let us admire every glistening icicle and let us pay homage to the winter wind, for soon it will be just a memory. The “dark time” has passed.

Drifting on Silky Clouds is perfect for a spring day. The cobalt sky highlights brilliant white puffs of nothingness that form a magic carpet to your daytime fantasies. Everything is so tiny below, everything clean and beautiful.

Diving into An Ocean of Love is a gentle cantata of instruments. Like the ocean, it is buoyant, warm, and all encompassing. It becomes an immersion of emotion not just for the body, but the soul as well. On just about every song, it is remarkable how well balanced the music is. Each instrument occupying the silence at just the right moment. Nothing too strong, nor too frail. Just right.

Castle of Unbroken Dreams reflects the album title in this Celtic ballad. Every stone in this castle is crafted from a hopeful wish, a budding daydream, or maybe a long held fantasy. The music promises that these dreams will come true. All it takes is time and faith.

Just after a rain, the air is sweet and clear. The clouds part and allow the sun to shine. It is Norwegian Summer. It is a time for hiking the land, fishing, and chasing butterflies. We relish the sun, for it is short lived this far north. No day is taken for granted.

Trine Opsahl has been playing Celtic harp since 1995. She is an advocate of harp therapy and an active practitioner of Music-Thanatology, the process by which music as well as vigils, voice and medicine are utilized to alleviate the suffering during an end of life experience.

Josefine Opsahl began cello at twelve and blossomed on the instrument. She is an award winning musician that seems to have a natural ability to give multiple voices to her four strings. She is a player in the Storstroems Chamber Ensemble and she is completing her Masters Degree with cellist Toke Møldrup at the Copenhagen Philharmonic.

Unbroken Dreams is their second mother and daughter collaboration. Their love, passion and respect of the relationship is quite evident. Every track has a give and take to the instrumentation that is joyous and enchanting. Their two voices are certainly one on this recording and it is glorious.

Rating: Very Good+