Composer, Celtic Harpist and Harp Therapist - Winner of the RoundGlass Music Award 2018

Review by Bill Binkelmann, Wind and Wire

Review by Bill Binkelmann, Wind and Wire

Noted reviewer Bill Binkelman (Zone Music Reporter and Retailing Insight magazine) on my latest album “Add Colours To My Sunset Sky:

Trine Opsahl embodies the very essence of healing and contemplative music and her new album underscores that fact with ease, grace, and beauty. The music on Add Colours To My Sunset Sky takes the listener ever so gently in its embrace, comforting her/him even while its harp melodies and ambientlike soundscapes draw them into a state of reflection and, perhaps, recalling deep-rooted memories, some happy and others sad. Opsahl’s wordless vocals, newly featured here, match her exquisite Celtic harp artistry, adding an element of haunting beauty when they are present. Add Colours To My Sunset Sky is a delight from start to finish.

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