Composer, Celtic Harpist and Harp Therapist - Winner of the RoundGlass Music Award 2018

Unbroken Dreams

Celtic Harp and Cello


Trine and Josefine Opsahl’s latest album, ”Unbroken Dreams” is a string of 13 beautiful, melodic and uplifting pieces, all composed by Trine, with soothing, lively and innovative cello voices by Josefine. The music moves with references to Nordic-Celtic folk music between classical music and folk, between world and playful improvisation, resulting in a unique and contemporary expression.

The album “Unbroken Dreams” was nominated for a ZMR Music Award in the category Best Relaxation/Meditation Album in 2015.

The track “Drifting on Silky Clouds” won a  ROUNDGLASS MUSIC AWARD FOR A BETTER WORLD in the category Best Ambient/New Age  Song in 2018.

Jim Ellis, Astreaux World Radio:

Trine and Josefine Opsahl have created a gentle, soothing, and introspective arrangement of songs for their beautiful new album “Unbroken Dreams”. The talents of mother and daughter blend wonderfully in composition and performance, and the warmth of Josefine’s cello with the brightness of Trine’s harp present a great combination too!”

Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus:

Trine is an exceptional musician in every way, and more than deserves to be known as one. And the same goes for Josefine, who despite her young years, is highly accomplished, not only technically, but also stylistically and intuitively. The blend of the earthy and the ethereal on Unbroken Dreams makes for a beautifully uplifting and heart-warming listening experience that is nourishing to the body, mind, and spirit.

Aaron Johnson, Musician, Chicago:

You and your daughter are superb musicians. I love every composition. A true work of art. Special.

Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano:

Unbroken Dreams is a beautiful masterpiece for the music alone. Relaxation, healing, and stress relief are bonuses for listeners. This music is perfect for so many situations, but be sure to really listen to it to hear the full yet subtle impact of the music. It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!