Komponist, harpenist og harpeterapeut - Vinder af RoundGlass Music Award 2018

Add Colours to my Sunset Sky

Soloharpe, monochord og vokal




Trine’s latest album “Add Colours to my Sunset Sky” was released in May 2017. On this album Trine blends in vocals and monochord with the solo harp.

Trine writes about the album:

We are all travelers on this road called life and as we walk along we add colours to each other’s lives. I am deeply grateful for every colour that has been added to my own life through the meeting of so many beautiful souls I feel a deep gratitude to all the dying, who have trusted me by letting me travel alongside them for a while and allowing the spirit of my music to guide their souls’ journey. Together we searched for and found that sacred space inside and between us. A sacred space so vibrant, so soft and flowing with loving kindness.

Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire:

Trine Opsahl embodies the very essence of healing and contemplative music and her new album underscores that fact with ease, grace, and beauty.
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Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews:

The 13 tracks on this CD encompass some of the most beautiful harp playing you will ever hear. She is an expert at playing the Celtic Harp.
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