Komponist, harpenist og harpeterapeut - Vinder af RoundGlass Music Award 2018


Leaving my Silent Empty House

Keltisk harpe og cello

DKK150,00 DKK120,00

This album is a mix of solo harp pieces and harp/cello duets. Trine’s daughter, cellist Josefine Opsahl, has added distinct cello voices to Trine’s compositions. True Thomas is inspired by the Irish legend of Thomas the Rhymer or True Thomas and has added accordion voices. The album was produced and mixed by Henning Olsen.

Bill Binkelmann, Wind and Wire:

Harpist Trine and cellist (and daughter) Josefine come together on Leaving My Silent Empty House and, to be blunt, this album blew me away.

Leaving my Silent Empty House was also released in a special edition in 2009 in cooperation with Hans Just A/S as a present for HRH Price Henrik of Denmark at his 75th anniversary.