Album: Somewhere in a Hidden Memory

Album: Somewhere in a Hidden Memory

This album is her third release and I only wish I had known of her sooner–I never tire of music as timeless and therapeutic as hers. Somewhere in a Hidden Memory is no longer a “hidden” CD which is great news for listeners looking for a soothing musical balm to counteract the craziness we must contend with on a day-by-day basis.

Bill Binkelmann, Zone Music Reporter:

“Somewhere in a Hidden Memory” er et af de bedste harpe-albums, jeg har hørt. Check det ud!

Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

“I love this album! I haven’t heard anything as peaceful as this since Kim Robertson’s first Celtic harp releases in the early ’80s. Trine Opsahl’s harp play is a therapy for body, mind and soul! A gentle sound bath – meditative and rejuvenating. Inspired by Therese Schroeder-Sheker who reinvented Music & the Art of Dying a practice for people who make the transition to another plane, Trine also plays in hospices in her homeland in Denmark. It is interesting that harp music is thought to be the music of the heavens and that angels play the harp! There must be something in the sound of the harp that is healing, angelic and soothing. Somewhere in a Hidden Memory is highly recommended.”

Tajali Moonstar

Lyt her til “Norwegian Summer”, optaget i konservatoriets koncertsal i januar 2015. Læg mærke til slutningen, hvor Trine og Josefine sidder HELT stille og venter på, at tonemester Franziska Wackerhagen skal sige “Super!”. Se flere videoer på min Youtube-kanal.

Dette album blev i 2013 nomineret til to “Zone Music Reporter-priser i USA.

Data om album

Titel: Somewhere in a Hidden Memory
Kunstnere: Trine Opsahl (keltisk harpe)
Plademærke og -nr.: Heart to Heart Records, HEART04
Tonemester: Franciska Wackerhagen


  1. The Last Grasp of Winter 06:31
  2. A Star in Heaven is Born Tonight 05:51
  3. Dawn/The Light Dances my Love 06:26
  4. Drifting on Silky Clouds 07:53
  5. A Fairytale 04:31
  6. Diving into an Ocean of Love 03:52
  7. I am your Moon and your Moonlight too 04:00
  8. Somewhere in a Hidden Memory 06:00
  9. Castle of Unbroken Dreams 04:35
  10. Sterna Paradisae 05:17
  11. Rosebed Garden 04:55
  12. Norwegian Summer 04:48
  13. Ladybirds and Butterflies 03:37