Album: Add Colours to my Sunset Sky

Album: Add Colours to my Sunset Sky

Add Colours to my Sunset Sky

Trine Opsahl’s latest release is Add Colours To My Sunset Sky. The 13 tracks on this CD encompass some of the most beautiful harp playing you will ever hear. She is an expert at playing the Celtic Harp.

Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

I was totally spellbound by her carefully crafted harp works… one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever heard is her “Rosebed Garden” on this release… Trine’s pacing is impeccable, and one of the best ways to realize that for yourself is to watch her perform it “in the garden” (so to speak) in the video below…

Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Lyt til “Rosebed Garden” og til “Today will be Forever” i optagelser fra Frederiksberg Have.

Trine spiller “Rosebed Garden” i Frederiksberg Have, juni 2017
Trine spiller “Today will be Forever” i Frederiksberg Have, juni 2017

Data om album

Titel: Add Colours to my Sunset Sky
Kunstnere: Trine Opsahl (keltisk harpe, sang og monochord)
Plademærke og -nr.: Heart to Heart Records, HEART06
Tonemester: Franciska Wackerhagen og Heini Ragnarsson


  1. Songs from a Mountain I 5:41
  2. Sunshine on a Stony Path 6:48
  3. Rosebed Garden 5:15
  4. In a Grain of Sand 4:57
  5. Eternity in a Song 6:20
  6. Lightly Dance into the Morning 3:13
  7. Songs from a Mountain II 3:50
  8. Rose of the Eternal Spring 6:05
  9. Add Colour to my Sunset Sky 3:19
  10. Diving into an Ocean of Love 4:37
  11. Today will be Forever 4:02
  12. Leaving on a Thursday Morning 2:30
  13. Graceful like a River 7:57