Trine Opsahl has released 5 albums – 3 solo albums and 2 harp/cello duo albums with her daughter Josefine Opsahl. Another harp and cello album, “The Infinite between Us” will be released on 01 January 2021.

The tracks and albums can be streamed or downloaded from major online music services like Spotify and Apple Music.

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The Infinite between Us (2021)

“The Infinite Between Us” is the third studio album by mother and daughter, Trine and Josefine Opsahl. The album presents 12 beautiful, rippling and soothing tracks for Celtic harp and cello. The music is melodic and harmonious, made for immersion, relaxation and meditation. Trine Opsahl is a professional composer and player of the Celtic harp, working as a harp therapist in the hospice field. Josefine Opsahl is an accomplished and innovative classical cellist and composer who joined in on this album adding unique and cinematic cello voices to Trine’s compositions. This is music for living, loving, dreaming and dying.

The Infinite between Us, harp/cello duo album (2021)
Trine Opsahl and Josefine Opsahl play “Eternity in a Song”

Add Colours to my Sunset Sky (2017)

This is Trine’s latest solo album, released i 2017 with acoustic music for Celtic harp, monocord and voice.

I imagine that Trine Opsahl is our modern day Hildegard Von Bingen. Composer, mystic, visionary and so much more. There is no coincidence that you can feel the deep emotion in her music.

RJ Lannan

The 13 tracks on this CD encompass some of the most beautiful harp playing you will ever hear. She is an expert at playing the Celtic Harp.

Keith Hannaleck