About Trine

Trine Opsahl is a Danish composer, harpist and therapeutic harp player. She composes and releases music for Celtic Harp and Cello.

Trine Opsahl has released three solo harp albums and two harp/cello duo albums with her daughter – cellist, composer and Josefine Opsahl.

Trine Opsahl’s music has been awarded a ROUNDGLASS MUSIC AWARD FOR A BETTER WORLD 2018, a silver medal from Global Music Awards in 2018 and has been nominated for a number of Zone Music Reporter awards in the USA.

Trine Opsahl is a pioneer of harp therapy in Denmark and works as a therapeutic harp player in two hospices, playing for the dying and their relatives. She is a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner (CTHP), trained and certified within the International Harp Therapy Program.


Add Colours to my Sunset Sky

Trines seneste album med musik for keltisk harpe, monochord og sang.

      Sunshine on a Stony Path - Trine Opsahl
      Eternity in a Song - Trine Opsahl

Trine and Josefine’s harp and cello album from 2015

Unbroken Dreams
      Sunshine on a Stony Path - Trine Opsahl
      Eternity in a Song - Trine Opsahl